Countryside & Agriculture

Get off the beaten track and meet Dutch people passionate about their products. Visit some of the most productive agricultural regions in the world and enjoy hospitality and iconic sites.

  • Beemster Polder
  • Woerden & Delft – Dutch Cheesevalley
  • Bulb grower farms or flower picking
  • Visit Vegetable farms (tomato, paprika, cucumber)


Interested in a Countryside & Agriculture Program?

The Netherlands have a large fruit, vegetable, flower and bulb production capacity, with large specialist operators and small niche producers working side by side across an array of produce both for internal and export markets. Talk to a farmer and hear what day to day life is like on Dutch farms.


Let us take you to a bulb grower. Hear about the process from the bulb to the flower. And if you come in spring you might even get a chance to take a picture surrounded by tulips, daffodils or hyacinths.